Drive Syncrypt is an Android app that is used to keep in sync your phone files with Google Drive. Optionally, the app will encrypt your files with AES 256 encryption before upload them to Drive, for maximum protection.


Select the directories in your device that you want to keep in sync with a specific Drive folder, the sync method between Two-way, Upload only or Download only and simply keep your files safe in Google Drive.



  • 3 different sync methods (Two-way, Upload, Download).
  • File encryption with AES 256.
  • Instant upload.
  • Integration with Android's sync mechanism.
  • Automatic periodic sync or manual sync.
  • Sync status notifications
  • Power management settings
  • Exclude files from sync using patterns


Premium version

  • More than one sync entries
  • Ability to sync with Google Drive root folder
  • Ad free content


Download DSCrypto tool to encrypt or decrypt files in your PC. Requires java 1.8.

How to use Drive Syncrypt