2.7.4 (18/04/2012)

- Updated with the latest Samsung kernel sources

- JW5 initramfs (Works also on JW4. Does NOT work on previous versions)

- CPU frequency statistics built-in

- Logger built-in

- Removed Power on sound restore scripts (kernel does not remove Power on sounds, because there is enough space for ext4 conversion)

- Conservative min sampling rate 10000

- 366.4MB available RAM





- 374.8MB

- breaks 720p video recording



- 384.5MB

- breaks front camera pictures and photo capture during video recording




- 366.4MB

- stock colors



- 374.8MB

- stock colors

- breaks 720p video recording



- 384.5MB

- stock colors

- breaks front camera pictures and photo capture during video recording


2.5.0 (15/01/2012)

- su permissions changed to 6755 (?)

- Added script to load configs module

Bigmem version 2.5.0bm

- 353 MB available RAM 

- Breaks 720p video recording

- Breaks photo capture during video recording

- Breaks front camera photo capture in JVU


Stock colors version 2.5.0sc

- Reverted Voodoo Color and Speedmod Color

Bigmem version 2.5.0scbm

Restoring backups made with CWM3 is not recommended. Although it maybe possible, I didn't test this functionality. Please create new backups with CWM5.



- CWM v5.0.2.7 (special thanks to Mialwe for his hints and for his mount code and of couse many thanks to CM team)

- busybox v1.19.3-cm7 

- JVU initramfs

- fix front camera pictures issue

- fix capture frames during video recording (maybe dropped in final release)

- 337MB available RAM (due to the above fixes)

- updated Semaphore scripts by HM.Carbide (thanks to him, some scripts will be available as addon packages)


A backup of your data is HIGHLY recommended before you use the new version and new CWM. 


JW1_2.4.0 (30/12/2011)

- New version of Semaphore Auto Brightness driver (details here)

- Update Semaphore Script Manager application v0.71 (thanks to HM.Carbide)

- fixes bug when sampling rate is changed.

Bigmem version 2.4.0bm

- 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720p video recording)


JW1_2.3.0 (27/12/2011)

- ondemand: is_is_busy = 0, sampling_down_momentum = 0, sampling_rate = 40000 when screen off

- Semaphore Auto brightness driver (enable through Semaphore Application - disable auto brightness from settings first, for best results set brightness to lowest value from settings)

Bigmem version 2.3.0bm

- 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720p video recording)


JW1_2.2.0 (23/12/2011)

- initramfs JW1

- ondemand: implemented sampling down factor 

- ondemand: iowait time calculated as load (io_is_busy=1)

- ondemand: New sampling_down_momentum tunable (explanation here)

- enabled /proc/config.gz (as module)

- updated su binary v3.0.3.2

Bigmem version 2.2.0bm

- 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720p video recording)


JVZ_2.1.1 (07/12/2011) 


- fixed problems with CWM

Bigmem version 2.1.1bm

- 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720p video recording)


JVZ_2.1.0 (07/12/2011) 

- updated JVZ initramfs


JVX_2.0.0 (05/12/2011)

- updated JVX initramfs

- 340MB available ram (fixes hardware video decoding in some formats)


JVT_1.9.1 (01/12/2011)

- compiled with Linaro GCC 4.6-2011.11

- dropped dock station support for I9000

- added script to disable bootloop detection

Bigmem version 1.9.1bm

- 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720p video recording)


JVT_1.9.0 (23/11/2011)

 - cpu frequency transition latency 10000

 - restore DVFS locks introduced on newmail's patch

 - fixed clean busybox script

 - minor updates to scripts

Bigmem version 1.9.0bm

- 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720 video recording)


JVT_1.9.0beta (21/11/2011)

- Semaphore Script Manager updated to v0.62

- updated reworked scripts by HM.Carbide

- 341MB available RAM- dropped CWM, Superuser applications (you have to manually delete them)

- ondemand patched with newmail's deepsleep detection (also works with OC, latency 20000, thanks darckengel for extensively testing this)

- booloop detection (if phone reboots before 2 minutes of operation, init.d backed up and clear, thanks HM.Carbide for his idea)

- usb dock support (thanks xcaliburinhand)

- back to gzip initramfs compression (little bit faster boot)


JVT_1.8.2 (04/11/2011) (stable)

- fixed smartassV2 issue when overclocking

- script ordering

Bigmem version 1.8.2bm

- 352 MB available RAM (it breaks 720 video recording)


JVT_1.8.1 (31/10/2011)

- added smartassV2 governor (as module)

- added Simple I/O scheduler (as module)

- updated Superuser v3.0.6

- updated su v3.0.3

- back to HZ=256

- added IPv6 privacy addon script

- dropped Hard to Kill addon script

Bigmem version 1.8.1bm

- 352 MB available RAM (it breaks 720 video recording)

Known issue:

Sometimes cpu statistics does not work with smartassv2 governor. Please use this governor for testing purposes only.


JVT_1.8.0 ( To my father )

- Updated Semaphore Script Manager to v0.51 (thanks to HM.Carbide)

- dropped OC to 1100MHz (investigate again for next versions)

- Added OC test scripts to 1200MHz, 1300MHz (Script Manager)

- includes all changes of 1.8.0beta1, rc1, rc2

Bigmem version 1.8.0bm

- 352 MB available RAM (it breaks 720 video recording)



- fixed 1300MHz overclocking



- compiled with JVT initramfs

- Updated Semaphore Script Managert to v0.50 (thanks to HM.Carbide)

- HM.Cardide's Addon scripts.

- updated Superuser application to version v3.0.2

- Slightly increased 1300MHz frequency to 1375mV

- Added addon script to change /cache to virtual 50MB (in case of having problems with Market)

TODO: Stabilize 1100MHz frequency.



- compiled with Linaro GCC 4.6 toolchain (thanks hardcode and existz for hints)

- O3 and other compiler optimizations

- Added 1100MHz overclocking

- Added 1300MHz overclocking (please use it with your own risk)

- Enable overclocking through sysfs (thanks mialwe)

- Battery polling to 60 seconds

- jhash3

- updated Superuser application to version v3.0

- updated su binary to v3.0

- updated Semaphore Script Manager to v0.42

- removed Tweak application

- Added VM dirty chainfire's tweak as script

- Added Kernel scheduler tweak as script

- Added noatime chainfire's tweak by default



- bundled HM.Carbide's Semaphore Script Manager v0.31 application (thanks to HM.Carbide)

- updated enable_* scripts

- added z_disable_* scripts for easy enabling - disabling all features on the fly without reboot (except logger)

- slightly increased voltage at 1.2GHz (1325mV) for better stability on some phones.

- deleting boot sounds procedure creates backup on /data/local

 Bigmem version 1.7.5bm

 - 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720 video recording)

 - fix type error in S05_enable_oc script summary description.



- compiled for JVS

Bigmem version 1.7.0bm

- 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720 video recording)



- includes all the changes of beta 1,2,3 and rc1

- increase light sensor polling to 1s

Bigmem version 1.6.0bm (thanks to existz and his team)

- 353 MB available RAM (it breaks 720 video recording)

NOTE: Version 1.6.0 has different OC/UV settings from 1.5.0. Remove old settings (if any) before flash.



- CPU frequency on stock music player when screen off to 400 MHz

- Fix installation of kernel's applications only once

- Added enable_sm_neutral script for SpeedMod neutral preset



- Voodoo color support (through Voodoo control application)

- SpeedMod color support (implemented cold, warm presets also)

- Added enable_sm_cold script for SpeedMod cold preset

- Added enable_sm_warm script for SpeedMod warm preset



- fix USB tethering (I hope) thanks existz for the hint.

- Superuser application upgraded to v2.3.6.3

- su binary upgraded to v2.3.2-efgh

- /system/etc/init.d directory creation if not exist 



- Reworked cpufreq driver. cpu states 100-200-400-800-1000/1200. Details here

- DVFS locks as stock kernel

- cpufreq statistics as module (is loaded by default)

- fix USB tethering disconnection

- enable overclocking through S05_enable_oc script (in /res/scripts) 



- Patched with the latest Samsung kernel sources.

- Auto brightness is working now.

- Voodoo color (in JVR_1.5.0v) 



- fix issue with loading modules

- back to 336.3 MB



- fix wipe data issue

- Kernel support for MISC binaries as module

- More debug options removed

- Couple of changes in kernel configuration

- slightly more free RAM (336.5 MB)



- compiled for JVR

- fix logcat issue.

Known issue: Broken wipe data functionality from CWM. Please DO NOT use wipe data from CWM with this version.



- Noop I/O scheduler (deadline as module)

- Less aggressive tweak to ondemand governor (for better battery life)

- xt_multiport, ipt_REDIRECT modules added to netfilter 



- More work on BT issue (read this if still have problem) 

- Compiled with Deep Idle

- A tweak to ondemand governor



- Voodoo Sound v10

- added xt_owner.ko in netfilter modules

- fixed enable_netfilter script 

- changed ro.secure property to 0 (adb remount works)



- added scripts to load modules 



- I/O Scheduler Deadline (CFQ is missing)

- Governor ondemand only (conservative as module)

- Netfilter (iptables) as modules

- CIFS as module

- TUN as module

- Logcat disabled (as module only)

- Standard network packet scheduler

- Kernel log buffer size 4KB (from 128KB)

- 336.3 MB RAM (without video loss) 



- Speemod Color Fix

- fix Custom boot animation 



- fix Bluetooth issue

- No debug info 



- -O2 optimizations

- 334 MB RAM 

- TinyRCU

- HZ=300

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