Semaphore Script Manager application makes it easy for everyone to manage the scripts provided by Semaphore kernel. 

It enables and disables all the features immediately if possible, and copies them to, or deletes them from /system/etc/init.d automatically.

All features with one simple click, and that without reboot.

Semaphore Script Manager is included in Semaphore Kernel since version 1.7.5. 

For use with versions 1.6.0  and 1.7.0 copy Semaphore.apk to sd card and click on the file in any explorer on the phone.

If you want the newest scripts:


Move the Folder inside to the sdcard. (On the sdcard should be a SemaphoreScripts folder and the scripts in it)

Problems and feature requests related to the app should be posted in HM.Carbide thread.

There will come more features from time to time. The latest version will be always available in HM.Carbide thread and will bundled to the Semaphore kernel.


HM.Carbide thread


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Semaphore Manager

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