This is a kernel based on the pawitp's one and it works for Android 4.0.x ICS ROMs.



- LiveOC

- Custom Voltage

- Voodoo Sound

- BLN 

- 373.5MB - 398.7MB available RAM

- Compiled with Linaro 4.7.2 toolchain

- O3 optimization flag

- Semaphore Script Manager 0.75

- Auto brightness driver

- Touch Wake

- Vibration intensity

- Deep Idle

- USB host driver

- Governor ondemand (default)

- ondemand: sampling_down_factor tunable by momentum, smooth_ui

- Governor conservative (module, smooth_ui)

- Governor smartassV2 (module, smooth_ui)

- Noop I/O scheduler (default)

- Deadline I/O Scheduler (module)

- Simple I/O Scheduler (module)

- CFQ I/O Scheduler (module)

- Netfilter (iptables) as modules

- CIFS as module

- TUN as module

- Logcat disabled (as module only)

- Standard network packet scheduler

- Kernel log buffer size 4KB (from 128KB)

- Reduced debug info 

- TinyRCU

- Fast Charge support

- WiFi PM_MAX when suspended

- Bootloop detection

- CWM 6

- /system/etc/init.d directory creation if not exist 


In order to load various modules of the kernel and enable or disable features use HM.Carbide's Semaphore Script Manager application. It automatically copies and runs the respective scripts from /res/scripts to /system/etc/init.d directory. The scripts:


- S05enable_oc_0800 (disable overclocking - caps max freq to 800Mhz)

- S05enable_oc_1000_default (disable overclocking)

- S05enable_oc_1100 (enable overclocking - max freq 1100MHz)

- S05enable_oc_1140 (enable overclocking - max freq 1140MHz)

- S05enable_oc_1200 (enable overclocking - max freq 1200MHz)

- S10enable_gov_conservative (load and enable conservative governor module)

- S10enable_gov_ondemand_default (enable ondemand governor)

- S10enable_gov_smartassV2 (load and enable conservative smartassV2 module)

- S15enable_sched_deadline (load and enable the deadline I/O scheduler module)

- S15enable_sched_noop_default (enable noop scheduler)

- S15enable_sched_sio (enable and load SIO scheduler module)

- S20enable_netfilter (load netfilter modules for firewall or WiFi, USB tethering)

- S30enable_logger (enable logging) 

- S35enable_tun (load tun module)

- S40enable_cifs (load cifs module)


Custom Voltage may be configured with Voltage control or similar applications.

For questions or issues about Semaphore Script Manager please visit HM.Carbide thread

Thanks to Superuser, you may download a wonderful custom bootanimation for CM9 from here 


Thanks to

pawitp for his kernel

zacharias.maladroit for his useful information about CM's initramfs

HM.Carbide for his Semaphore Script Manager application.

Ezekeel for LiveOC, Custom Voltage

sztupy for USB host driver

koush for CWM

xcaliburinhand for his work about dock support

mialwe for his vibrator intensity and other fixes

ShadowInkDesigns for Android logo

trailblazerz11 for his help with Linaro and other changes

DerTeufel1980 for various hints 

All people who support this kernel by testing, reporting issues, donating or simply using it. 


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