Modules & Boot Scripts


Q: I try to enable Tethering (Mobile AP or USB) and I get an error.

A: You have to use the enable_netfilter boot script. From Semaphore Script Manager check the Netfilter.


Q: My firewall application complains that iptables is not supported.

A: You have to use the enable_netfilter boot script. (Please see previous question)


Q: How can I use the overclocking functionality?

A: From Semaphore Script Manager check the 1200 or 1300 option in Overclocking section. 


Q: I enabled OC but there is no 1000MHz frequency step.

A: This is normal. Since version 1.6.0, when you enable overclocking the 1200MHz/1300MHz frequency replaces 1000MHz.


Q: I use logger applications but I can not see any logs.

A: Logger is by default disabled. You have to check Logger option in Semaphore Script Manager application and reboot the device.



Q: On bigmem versions I get an error when I use video recording in 1280x720 resolution

A: This is normal. Bigmem versions use less reserved memory for video. You have more available free RAM but the 'cost' is broken video recording on the 1280x720 resolution.


Q: Does the kernel support ext4? How can I convert file system to ext4?

A: Yes. Download CF-root ext4 add-on application and install it to your phone. Back up your data (just in case), run the application and select 'convert to ext4'. The phone will reboot and the conversion will start automatically in CWM.


Q: I can't convert /system partition to ext4

A: Try to make some free space on /system partition. You may delete some ringtones (/system/media/audio/ringtones). You will need about 5MB free space on /system for the conversion.


Q: I still can't convert my file systems to ext4

A: Disable the virtual /cache to 50MB option from Semaphore Script Manager application.


Q: When the screen goes off, a green flash appears. What is wrong?

A: This is a side effect of Voodoo Color. As a workaround, try to reset to default the settings related to color in Voodoo Control application or increase the gamma values.  


Q: I flashed Semaphore kernel but I can't have root access.

A: Semaphore installs only the su binary. You have to download Superuser application from Android Market to complete your phone rooting.

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