This is a collection of boot animations with a Semaphore related theme. Download the file and rename it to Copy it to /system/media or /data/local. Credits to users that kindly send me and allow me to distribute them.

CM9 Cid light and CM9 Cid black can be installed via CWM. Reboot in recovery and flash the zip file.


CM9 Cid light - thanks to nozerogravity (XDA thread)

CM9 Cid light


CM9 Cid Black - thanks to nozerogravity (XDA thread)

CM9 Cid Black


CM9 - thanks to Superuser (



Galaxy - thanks to Superuser (



Wall - thanks to Superuser (



Sema4 - thanks to Elting



Nexus - thanks to Malcho



Malcho's - thanks to Malcho