1.5.0 (08/06/2017)

- Merge latest Android changes (N2G47W)


 1.4.0 (04/05/2017)

- Merge latest Android changes (N2G47O)


 1.3.0 (06/04/2017)

- Merge latest Android 7.1.2 changes (N2G47F)


 1.2.0 (10/03/2017)

- Merge latest Android changes (N4F26T)


 1.1.0 (18/02/2017)

- Merge latest Android changes (N4F26O)


 1.0.0 (07/01/2017)

- Merge latest Android changes (N4F26I)


0.9.0 (09/12/2016)

- Rebase on Android 7.1.1 sources

- cpufreq: conservative: Fix condition logic in touch boost (thanks to ihancioglu)


0.8.0 (09/11/2016)

- Merge latest patches from NRD91N 


0.6.0 (17/10/2016)

- Rebased on 3.10.73 (NBD90W). I discovered a memory leak issue and I decided to drop the latests Linux kernel versions.

- Changed default governor to ondemand for both clusters. Conservative governor also has an issue and in some cases doesn't drop the frequency fast enough. I recommend you to not use it until I'll find a solution.

- ondemand: Improved the load calculation when the timer is deferred.

- ondemand: A couple of bug fixes from mainline.


0.5.0 (05/10/2016) 

- cpufreq: Introduce touch boost tunables to ondemand and conservative    


touch_load: the virtual load that governor "sees" when there is a touch

in the screen (default value 70).

touch_load_duration: the duration in ms that the touch_load is effective

after the touch (default value 1000ms).

touch_load_threshold: the real load threshold. Loads greater than this

threshold will trigger the touch boost (default value 10).


touch_load_duration: the duration of touch boost (default value 1000ms).

When there is a touch in the screen the freq_step tunable will be

double if there governor must increase the frequency.

- minor changes in initramfs from upstream (NBD90W)


0.4.0 (27/09/2016)

- cpufreq: ondemand: Eliminate the deadband effect

- cpufreq: Break out early when frequency equals target_freq

- Added conservative governor


0.3.0 (07/09/2016)

- Merge Android Nougat kernel patches (up to NRD90S)

- Merge Linux kernel v3.10.103

- Mount data partition as encryptable


0.2.0 (11/08/2016)

- Merge Linux kernel versions v3.10.74 - v3.10.102

- Apply patch for CVE-2016-5340 (CodeAurora)


0.1.0 (08/08/2016)

- Initial release

- built with Linaro gcc 4.9 201602

- enabled O2 optimizations

- clear a couple of configuration

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